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Away From me you are nothing: Apostle Yanco Aparicio

Pray for others is a Christian act of faith that reflects the solidarity that Christ taught, the pain for the evil of this world and is the result of a righteous belief in a true God. That is why we want to intercede for you. Prayer is not just an act of faith, the prayer is a work that shows love for the brother, not only in his own life, but in blessing.

If you want us to pray for you,

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Anonimo60767 Dios hace milagros sobrenaturales
Anonimo60767 Su amor es grande
Anonimo61059 Good is great
Anonimo61059 God bless you From: Slovenia
Anonimo62063 Amén aleluya
Anonimo62063 Glorificamos tu nombre padre
Anonimo62279 Aleluya
Anonimo62282 Amen Dios es grande
Anonimo62289 Poderosos testimonios
Anonimo63522 Alabado sea el nombre de nuestro señor Jesucristo
Anonimo63615 Glorious God
Anonimo64282 Dios es Grande
Anonimo64355 Hallelujah
Anonimo64355 God bless you all the people
Anonimo64355 Because God is so good
Anonimo64401 Dios es grande
Anonimo64809 GOd is good
Anonimo64809 HAlleluya
Anonimo64961 Dios es bueno Dios es grande y su misericordia dura para siempre
Anonimo65833 Jesus is coming
Anonimo65833 Just find him
Anonimo66327 Gracias A Dios su poder es inmenso
Anonimo66328 Dios es grande y gracias a los grandes hombres de Dios por ser vasos útiles bendecimos al apóstol Yanco Aparicio.
Anonimo66329 Glory to god we blees his name
Anonimo66563 Saludos desde Colombia
Anonimo66563 Dios es grande Dios es maravilloso
Anonimo66565 Hallelujah praise de lord
Anonimo66937 Dios es grande Hermanos
Anonimo66937 Podemos ver su poder cada dia
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